Michael Saint James

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"Saint James doesn't just illuminate art — he takes you inside the experience of its creation."

Barry Flicker, author Working At Warp Speed


Insightful, humorous, engaging educator

Motivational speaker • Creative problem solver

Michael Saint James is a popular speaker in Northern California's Bay Area with his Stand-Up Art History presentation, In the Footsteps of Vincent van Gogh, and award-winning photography book, Bridges of Paris. Saint James is an artist, educator and world traveler with a fresh, entertaining view of history, art and culture.

Living in Paris, Jerusalem and Tokyo changed Michael’s view of the world and his own culture’s values. “There is no single, correct way to live a good life. The possibilities are endless. Every problem has many solutions, every goal has many paths. There is no right or wrong, just a rainbow of diverse cultural values.

"Creating an original novel, film, photograph, or even a new business requires sensitivity to structure, design, rhythm and flow. Communication is about making connections, creating a relationship between your art or product and the desires of your audience or customers."

As a diligently curious, creative artist living life outside the box, Michael offers a fresh view-point and innovative alternatives to old habits of thinking. He is a catalyst for revitalizing desire and creating avenues for growth and opportunity.

Michael inspires writers, artists, students, business owners… anyone with a dream and the conviction to create it.

Keynote Speaker

Coach, Consultant


Art Director


Film Editor


Published Articles
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Bridges of Paris–Pont Alexandre III
Tour an open-air museum on the grandest bridge in Paris

Pilgrimage to Mont Saint-Michel
Journey on the Camino de Santiago through Normandy

Love-Locks of Paris: The Complete Story
Learn the history of the love-locks on the bridges of Paris


Bridges of Paris, is an award-winning coffee table with over 350 original color photographs featuring stunning portraits of each bridge as well as intimate riverside moments. The book also tells the history of each bridge crossing the Seine River in Paris.

Living as a Parisian for a year, Saint James left his American lifestyle and spent his days and nights capturing images from over, on, beside and under the bridges of Paris. He immersed himself in French culture to search out his authentic artist self. The result is a treasure to share with everyone.


"Fantastic, stunning journey through Paris."
– Birdhouse Books

"…the layout, the quality, the pictures, the colors, the story... this book literally took my breath away."
– A. Teh

"This book is not only beautiful, it is of pure heart."
– C. Roquet


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At Van Gogh's wheatfield in Auvers-sur-Osie

Playing harmonica in Lyon



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